Welcome to Our Beautiful New Website!

October 19, 2016
Northland Cabinets
Northland Cabinets, Responsive Design, New Website, Maple Grove, MN

Northland Cabinets just launched a brand new website! Programmed with cutting-edge responsive design and interactive content, our site layout offers a customized user experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops of any screen size.

Visit our new site to learn more about Northland Cabinets and the high-quality cabinetry products we provide throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Locally owned and operated since 1984, we use the latest technology and good old-fashioned know how to build custom cabinets for every room in your home. From designing and planning to drafting and installation, we work alongside you or your contractor to provide an end product that will delight you.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, bath or another room in your home, Northland Cabinets offers a wide variety of world-class cabinetry to make your dreams come true. Other products available:

Check out our gorgeous photo gallery to see examples of our craftsmanship in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and other spaces. Contact Northland Cabinets today to get started on your home improvement project and stop by our design center in Maple Grove to get inspired.

MDF and Solid Wood: Which Is Better?

October 17, 2016
Northland Cabinets
MDF, Solid Wood Construction, Painted Cabinets

We are often asked if we use only solid wood construction in building our cabinetry. Isn’t solid wood always the superior material? You may be surprised to learn that solid wood is not necessarily the best choice. Depending on the application, solid wood may give a disappointing performance.

Solid woods do have many excellent qualities in grain and strength and durability. Unfortunately, solid woods also have qualities that make them a poor choice in certain instances. Solid woods are susceptible to expansion and contraction with exposure to heat, humidity and moisture.

MDF is a product that is often misunderstood and is usually associated with flimsy ill-constructed ready-made furniture. Today’s MDF is a vastly different product. It is dense, thick and stable. We use only moisture resistant MDF. The MDF that we utilize is constructed without added formaldehyde.

In many applications, using anything other than today’s high-quality MDF would be a mistake. Painted cabinetry has become very popular again and using the correct materials is critical. Traditional wood doors are constructed by connecting or joining 5 separate pieces of wood. If traditional 5 piece doors are painted, the results can be disastrous. Most homes in our area experience wide changes in the interior humidity levels due to seasonal weather patterns.  Our homes tend to be more humid in the spring and summer and much drier in the winter months. These humidity changes cause wood products to slightly expand and contract.  In a 5 piece door, there are 5 pieces of wood that are expanding and contracting. If that door is painted, cracks in the paint will form along each joint.  The once lovely, high-end painted custom cabinets will appear cheap and amateur.

The solution is today’s MDF. Our precision CNC machines “carve” the MDF into a 1 piece, smooth 3-dimensional door that when painted looks just like the traditional 5 piece door, without of course the cracked paint because there are no joints to crack.

Solid wood is the correct product for cabinetry that is stained. The beautiful grain variations and highlights are showstoppers. When painted cabinetry is preferred either alone or in a room combination, today’s high quality MDF is the only product that will preserve your investment throughout the changing seasons to come.