Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public?

We work with customers through builders and remodelers. A contractor provides the valuable assets of experience and on-site management for your project.

Can you recommend a builder or remodeler?

Yes. We have many builders and remodelers with whom we have experience and we would be happy to make a recommendation.

Do you do countertops?

Yes. We can provide and design the countertop that is perfect for you. Granite, Cambria, Silestone, Solid Surface, Laminate, and Cultured Marble countertops are available at Northland Cabinets.

Do you do refacing?

No, we do not re-laminate old cabinets. You’ll be surprised how close the costs are for new cabinets vs. refacing. Allow us to estimate your project for you and you will probably find that you can have a redesigned and brand-new kitchen!

Do you do plumbing and electrical work too?

No, but we would be happy to refer you to firms with whom we have experience.

What should I consider when picking a finish for my cabinets?

Northland utilizes the most durable, moisture resistant finish in the industry. Despite this incredibly tough finish, expansion & contraction can still cause small surface cracks in the finish due to the nature of wood. Depending on the finish, these surface cracks may be nearly invisible, or they may be more highlighted.

Stained and natural finishes offer color contrast and natural sculpting in their wood grain. This grain and tonal diversity reduces capacity for the naked eye to pick-up on small surface cracks, and can doubly reduce visibility of scuff marks, scratches, and dents that occur as you live in your home. Slight surface cracking is more noticeable with light opaque finishes like paint. When considering painted finishes for cabinetry, versus stained or natural finishes, please consider this aesthetic element.

What's the best way to clean my cabinets?

Cabinets can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of furniture cleaner (such as Murphy's Oil Soap) or mild dish soap. Rinse the cabinets with a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap or cleaner residue. The cloth should not be overly wet.

Dry dusting should be avoided as it may scratch the surface. Follow the grain of wood when dusting - wiping across the grain could cause scratches to appear if the dust contains grit.