Planning Services

Whether your plans for cabinets are simple or extravagant, functional or cutting edge, Northland Cabinets has a combination that is right for your particular needs. Our renowned design center gives you instant access to a myriad of materials you can match to your specifications.

Looking to add storage to an awkward nook in your kitchen? Searching for a hard-to-find color or shade? Interested in replicating an Old World pub you once visited overseas? Make an appointment with one of our designers to sit down and discuss your special requests and we’ll work with you to make them a reality.

If you would like to do some pre-planning:

  • Download the grid image PDF here and print out a blank grid sheet along with the two examples. Notice the starting point on the examples as a reference for your measurements. Measure your walls in each direction. Note all window and door locations and their measurements. Note your ceiling height. If you wish, note your existing cabinetry, though it's not necessary.
  • This grid will help you with rough room dimensions. Don't worry about accuracy! We will measure before building any cabinets. This helps with preliminary design and pricing.
  • When using the grid, each small square equals 3 inches, and the large squares equal 1 foot (numbers along the top and side correspond with the 1 foot squares).
  • Take approximate measurements and sketch a rough "bird's eye" view of the area.
  • Bookmark ideas on your device that you find at websites such as Pinterest or Houzz or sketch your ideas so that the designer has a clear idea of what you have in mind
  • Having appliances selected is helpful
  • Make notes regarding your storage needs. For example, do you have many or few of items such as: spices, kettles, plastic storage containers, wine...
  • Make notes regarding any items you would like to display: china, collectibles, glassware...
  • Consider the functions of your cabinetry. How often do you or your family cook or bake? How often do you entertain? How many people do you want to accommodate for a seated meal or do you prefer informal counter seating?
  • Make notes of any special concerns you may have or ideas you would like incorporated into your project
  • Decide on a workable budget that you can live with
  • Set up an appointment with Northland Cabinets

Bringing your new room to life

When all that is left is the installation, we will help make this process go as smoothly as possible for you.

Dust is a part of the remodeling process, which unfortunately cannot be avoided; however, there are some things you can do to minimize this:

  • Pack everything you won't be needing for the period of remodeling and move into a separate room to keep dust-free
  • Cover the doorways and walkways that lead to the remodeling area and adjoining rooms with plastic
  • If this is a kitchen remodeling project, try setting up your microwave, refrigerator and possibly a card table, in another area so that you can still prepare and eat your basic meals at home
  • Keep basic items such as paper plates, plastic silverware, paper towels and microwaveable foods handy for preparation
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  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Remodeling & Installation
  • Residential / Commercial

"Love everything- Thank you!!" – Patty, Hanover

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